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Roos, like chakras, grant incredible protection and blessings. A traditional Tibetan tantric form of protection, roos are extremely effective against all types of harm and obstacles.

Roos can be encased then worn for incredible protection and blessings

Roos contains mantras and other precious and rare ingredients such as raw gold or silver and holy items. They are energized through prayer and ritual for three consecutive nights by the most senior members of the monastic community. Made only once every ten years, they are extremely rare and difficult to come by.

Roos can be worn, placed in statues, embedded in houses or buried in the ground.

Roos can come in many sizes

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  1. Hi there
    My name is Quang – I just want to khow about Roos …Are these from the monasteries in Nepal.
    I want to khow how much of each .
    I am living in CANADA – How i can get it…