Gen Nyima and his holy prayer beads

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Many great attained masters, pandits, mahasiddhas and high practitioners have been produced from Gaden Monastery. Their robes, rosaries, personal items and objects have special blessings and protections. It is very rare to obtain them as they are highly sought after.

Gen Nyima

Gen Nyima was a great Geshe of Gaden Jangtze Gowo Khangtsen who resided in the deep Bhutanese forests for over 15 years in quiet solitary meditation on Lord Yamantaka with just a small thangka of Tsongkhapa. Slowly many in need of aid trickled in to seek Gen Nyima’s divine help. He was renowned for foretelling the future accurately, controlling the weather and healing various illnesses if caught early. So was his fame so great that some members of the Bhutanese Royal family built roads into the dense jungles so it would be easier for people to travel to see the holy Lama. He was requested by Gaden Jangtze Monastery to move back to Gaden so people can be inspired by his outward show of attainments.

Tsem Rinpoche lived next door to Gen Nyima and would often visit. On one of these visits, Tsem Rinpoche requested for the meditation rosary from this master. He was granted three rosaries immediately. One used in Gen Nyima’s 15-year retreat and the other two used for practices. These rosaries are highly renowned and blessed. Gen Nyima is considered to become one with the meditational deity Yamantaka.

Tsem Rinpoche offers these highly blessed and sought after beads as precious gifts to be placed in statues, stupas and protection. Due to high demand, it has been placed in outlets. A donation can be made towards the upkeep of Kechara House to obtain one. They are very limited and very precious so please be aware that they are not always available.

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