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How would you live your life, if you have this kind of look?

There is a Chinese saying “A low practitioner does retreat in the forest, a high practitioner does retreat in the cities”. A practitioner who moves away from the cities to do practice in the quiet and remote forest is only a low level practitioner; a high practitioner can do his practice amidst all the physical pollution and human complications of a city, he excels in that kind of environment, like a peacock who thrives on eating poisonous plants, He, is the REAL MASTER.

This is a picture of Tsem Rinpoche when he was a model a few years ago, with his kind of look and a 6 ft 2 body, many current Asian superstars will pale in comparison. If you have his kind of look, what would you do? Try all means to maintain it hopefully till eternity? When Rinpoche was a model, he was so stunning that he made heads turn when walking down the streets, and he get suggestive signals implicitly and explicitly all the time, and he was always surrounded by handsome guys and beautiful women flirting to get his attention, but Rinpoche was never affected even minutely by all these seductions, it showed you the level of his mind which is very stable, strong and focused, any ordinary person would have fallen easily and miserably long time ago.

Back then, Tsem Rinpoche had to temporarily put away his monk robes to become a model due to unusual circumstances (Rinpoche was never disrobed, the details will be told in his upcoming biography), and after 2-3 years when the time was right again, Rinpoche left the modelling scene and wore his monk robes again without any attachment to the look that he used to have, and he let his body “develop naturally”. If you think that is because Rinpoche is aging and age affected his body therefore he has no choice but to give up his gorgeous body and look, you are wrong, take a look at the picture below, Rinpoche’s look and weight 12 years ago in 1998 was almost the same as he is now, Rinpoche is in FULL CONTROL of his look and physical body.

Tsem Rinpoche can control his appearance and look according to his own will, he is completely not attached to his appearance, and he is not bothered by how others view and judge him even a tiny bit. On the contrary, some of us would spend a fortune on slimming programmes and do plastic surgery, and if we hear a word of criticism from others about our appearance, we would sink into depression and even become suicidal. What causes Anorexia? It is a mental obsession and paranoia about our own body and the way people look at us that develop into an illness.

Today, Tsem Rinpoche does not have the look and body that he had before, but the number of disciples and followers around him grow even more than before. Rinpoche uses his own body to teach us a lesson, that you may lose your look and appearance, and you may not be physically attractive anymore like you used to be, but if you have a sincere heart, you are kind, and you develop compassion, you can still be attractive to people. The people around you, not only they will not leave you because you have lost “the look”, but they will flock to you because of your virtues and inner qualities that you develop.

Tsem Rinpoche with his own physical body teaches us the kind of life we can live ourselves that is the most beautiful, and fulfilling.

An ordinary man makes his own trap and create his own suffering; a Saint roams the samsaric world however he likes with total freedom.

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5 Responses to TSONGKHAPA explained by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche (1 of 2)

  1. Is Naga vases the same meaning with Wealth vase?

    • The naga vase is a type of wealth vase. There are a number of types of wealth vases, some contain the energy of enlightened wealth deities, others do not. It is best to be careful with Naga Vases because if they are not cared for properly, the owners may experience negative side effects. In Kechara, we only offer the Wealth Vases of Enlightened Beings to be invited home.

      More information can be found in Rinpoche’s teaching on Naga Vases (

  2. If this was the only teaching Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims and athiests alike received the world would be a better place.

  3. I was talking about “Don’t Embarrass the Buddha”.