Alone with Memories

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Poem by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, made into a song, composed and performed by Gavin Gooi

Alone With Memories 
(my actual poem)

Sadness and loneliness 
are my forced friends, 
Living in lands forever foreign 
as I have no home….. 

Sounds of my guru’s damaru 
evokes a time long gone, 
As it plays in my head 
all day long 

My guru’s memory I projected 
onto my daily life, 
Keeps me going in a place I am 
forced to call home… 

Tragic am I living in a 
time that has passed, 
A memory that I must wake from 
although I resist… 

My work and burdens hasn’t any end, 
Yet have to trudge on, onto where? 
Is there any respite from my hopes and optimism? 
Or is it better to accept reality which is cynicism? 

I long for my youth not for the 
false hopes it promised, 
But to hear the sound of my 
Glorious Guru playing his divine music 
on his damaru again… To be warmed by his wisdom, 
blessed by his strength….. 

And to feel hope again… 
A hope that hangs in there, 
But often slips awayagain 

Written by Tsem Rinpoche

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5 Responses to TSONGKHAPA explained by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche (1 of 2)

  1. Is Naga vases the same meaning with Wealth vase?

    • The naga vase is a type of wealth vase. There are a number of types of wealth vases, some contain the energy of enlightened wealth deities, others do not. It is best to be careful with Naga Vases because if they are not cared for properly, the owners may experience negative side effects. In Kechara, we only offer the Wealth Vases of Enlightened Beings to be invited home.

      More information can be found in Rinpoche’s teaching on Naga Vases (

  2. If this was the only teaching Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims and athiests alike received the world would be a better place.

  3. I was talking about “Don’t Embarrass the Buddha”.