Mystical Dance of the Yogini!

30 May 2010 - 1:13am Comments Off

Nepal has had a long tradition of Vajra Yogini worship.They have many sacred temples dedicated to Her. They have Her depictions everywhere. It is such a joy to see. Even in the Vajra Yogini lineage lama prayers The Nepalese Pamthingpa Brothers are included as they were great practitioners who preserved Her lineage.

I found this video on the sacred Dance of Vajra Yogini and I post it here to share. It is beautiful and mystical.

Please enjoy and drink in this mystical display of Vajra Yogini’s mystical dance.

Tsem Rinpoche

This is posted to share knowledge only. No copyright infringment intended! Nothing in this movie belongs to me. It belongs to its owners and people who have rights to this film! FAIR USE ACT.

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