Guidelines to fulfill our aspirations from Tsem Tulku

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Dear KH Committee, Liaisons, HODs, volunteer, members and friends,

Secrets to our Success:

Please listen and follow ‘religiously’ before it’s too late:

1. Be harmonious with each other. That is the KEY TO ALL SUCCESS. THAT IS THE KEY. THE ONLY AND ONE AND SINGULAR KEY.

2. Talk straight with each other and don’t go round and round to cover faults. Admit openly your faults. Do not be diplomatic to look good but in the end your diplomacy ends up betraying you. Don’t gossip behind. What you want to say behind, you should say in the front first and directly with courtesy. If you don’t, then no matter who you are, you will be seen as sneaky and people will be unable to trust you. If you find it difficult to be straight, but whisper behind, then you will never command the respect of others? Why? Who respects sneakiness or people who just want to look good?

3. It doesn’t matter if others are practicing Dharma. You must practice Dharma and hold Dharma principles. If you see other people don’t want to work and make money, do you follow them or feel down? If not, then if you see others not following Dharma, why do you feel down? Wrong projections and expectations.

4. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER say you quit. You had enough. You can’t do it. You feel disappointed. You can’t take it anymore. Never say those things. WHY?? You open the pre-planted karmas you have collected from the past to fulfill this negative mind. Once that karma opens, then you will open obstacles to stop the work and then MORE PUJAS ARE NECESSARY. Sometimes the pujas will be too late. When you think like that and say that, you create more negative causes to manifest in the future. You create more obstacles for our works. And you also demoralize others. Others might have a weaker mind AT THIS TIME for whatever reasons, and you will break their mind. Gathering people and training them up to do more is already difficult enough. If you are not the type that can attract others or influence others then you should never demoralize who we have. Because if you can get more, then if you cause some losses, at least you can compensate. That is an example only.

5. Answer all SMSes, phone calls and messages immediately. Do not forget, make excuses, or cover or pretend you didn’t get them. Is that the behaviour of a grown up, mature, caring, individual who went through so much to practice Dharma?? Is that the behaviour of a successful individual? If you’re not successful, well start now.

6. Don’t act in ways that disappoint people close to you. Getting their support to help you look good will only be temporary. If you ruin their Dharma practice, then you must commit to live with them for the rest of your lives and take care of them. You cannot abandon them ever. You have to take care of them physically and emotionally since you influenced them from the Dharma which is the true source of happiness and security. And if you couldn’t take care of them before Dharma, why do you think you can if you ‘help’ them after they have abandoned Dharma??

7. Financial strain will always be there. But what it is for will make a difference. If financial goals are for self, then unhappiness follows. If for others, great deep satisfaction will follow EVENTUALLY. But leaving the finances to one or two people to figure out is a very non-supportive attitude. From the side of the giver one should have no expectation to get back as it is for Dharma. And from the side of those who can’t give, you should give in services and in kind. In this way, financial strains/burdens can be ‘evenly’ shouldered.

8. Actions I have repeated to you to reform, take that as your main practice of guru yoga and never repeat again. If you repeat, don’t make excuses to cover, it is clear that you ARE NOT SINCERE SO NO AMOUNT OF JUSTIFICATION WILL MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD.

9. When you made a mistake do not keep quiet and avoid the people you have wronged. Do not avoid me. You should contemplate, think, and self examine and accept with humility the lesson to be learned. And IMMEDIATELY repair damages. If you don’t repair damages, it would reach a stage of beyond repair. At your age, would you like to lose a close spiritual bond with others? A close spiritual bond is not expecting others to always accept your faults and tolerating your unchanging bad habits, it is in fact the opposite. It is you changing and accepting others. Don’t spew out moralistic standards that you yourself are far from holding. Examine the results of your life before moralistic bombastic preaching to others. Accept and with compassion repeat to others what they need to change. In this case, repetition is a sign of compassion, fortitude and care arising from practice.

10. Hurtful words, outbursts motivated by pure anger, holding a grudge, attacking personally and creating schisms are not the methods and paths praised by the high ones of the past. Nor are they karmic causes for you to practice this supreme tantric system we have at our fingertips and so nearby. If you love Vajrayogini, then you will avoid the above as they push Her practice away from you. You will be reduced to just offering tea lights to her image. A firefly may light itself up in front of holy Vajrayogini, but that does not make it a light offering that equates Dharma practice.

11. If you have guru devotion then all will work out. What is guru devotion??
a) never giving up or even hinting it
b) helping each other and accepting ones’ faults graciously
c) Holding ones’ vows diligently at the cost of our lives..why, because our lives can be snuffed out anytime
d) Once you have taken refuge, then TRANSFORM.

12. Don’t have hidden agendas with others, try to use them or get something from them. In the beginning you will be marginally successful until you are found out. Then that type of reputation will be hard to erase. Within samsara, reputation and name is very important…why? Trust is fundamental for success, and good relationships.

13. Whatever promises you have made, make SURE AT ALL COSTS THAT YOU KEEP IT. WHEN YOU DON’T KEEP YOUR PROMISES, YOU DISAPPOINT MANY people. It is easier to keep a promise and not disappoint, then to disappoint and take a long time to repair if you can repair at all. At all costs, one SHOULD KEEP ONE’S PROMISES ALWAYS. NEVER BREAK ONE’S PROMISES, COMMITMENTS, WORDS OF HONOUR AND LET THEM DEGENERATE. They help you very much to train your mind.

14. For those of you who have the merits to run a department, you should foster closeness, care, concern within your departments. Do not create divides and factions. Why? Eventually, there will be factions against you as the wheel of sharp weapons return full circle.

15. Commit 100% to Kechara House. Devote yourself to your chosen spiritual institutions and make it grow. Join in the activities with passion and don’t do it dependent on others. You do it from yourself and your self examinations.

We are together for all reasons. For the reasons to be fulfilled, then follow the above guidelines diligently. If I don’t speak of the methods, then I am not doing my job. For some, when I do my job, they will also not be happy temporarily. But in the end, I should speak and do my job. If what I have spoken is from the sincerity of my heart to better your lives and fulfill our incredible goals, then please follow.

Many prayers,
Tsem Rinpoche of Kechara House

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