Esquire (Hong Kong) December issue featuring Tsem Rinpoche

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Esquire (Hong Kong Edition) December 2013 issue features a three-page in-depth interview with Kechara’s Spiritual Advisor, H.E.Tsem Rinpoche.

Rinpoche was interviewed by the South China Media Group’s Vice Chairman, Dr William Lo, who said:

Meeting Tsem Tulku Rinpoche is a chance of affinity (thanks to my good friend Race who introduced us), an opportunity, a lifetime of gratitude…

I felt he was very different from other Rinpoches, monks or practitioners, as he explained Dharma using modern language, modern technology. He really is “not trying to be profound, but just sharing what is real” !

Dr. Lo had flown in from Hong Kong with his wife a few months ago for an audience with Tsem Rinpoche in the Kechara Forest Retreat. Dr. Lo also expressed that he cherished the rare opportunity to speak with Rinpoche and to learn from him.

Dr. Lo has great respect for Rinpoche’s wisdom and hopes more people will have the opportunity to learn from Rinpoche’s teachings as well:

Whether or not you are a Buddhist, you will be able to share and receive Rinpoche’s wisdom, together to give this world a little bit more compassionate, a little more right mindfulness and love…

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