Phng Li Kim


Senior Manager

Born as a Buddhist/Taoist, spirituality was merely a concept applicable to wonderful and peaceful people, not me. Praying on Wesak day and during the 8th day of Chinese New Year prayers (Pai Teen Gong) was as religious as I could be.

I was introduced to Kechara in February 2009 by my mother, Datuk May Phng. My first encounter with Rinpoche was at a private audience, which was an amazing evening. It left me thinking, “ Hey, Buddhism ain’t that boring. And this Rinpoche is pretty cool!” Since this first meeting, I met many other Directors and their sharing of their views intrigued me. In summary, whatever I heard I could accept. Of course, my mother being a Director, being so involved in the organization and believing so strongly in Rinpoche influenced me substantially.

One day out of the blue Director JP, my mom and Director Henry called me and asked the turning point question, “Are you ready to take Dharma all the way?” My response was, “Yes.” Other questions like “Huh?” and “How?” came later. From this critical question and my spontaneous answer began my spiritual journey and Dharma work – the memorable moment was May 2009.

As the CEO of Kechara Media & Publications (KMP), my main objectives are to take KMP global and to be renowned as a publishing house of best sellers. In achieving this, I will attain my true aspiration which is to take Rinpoche’s teachings and spread Dharma far and wide with no boundaries, benefiting everyone in this world!

I was honoured to be elected to the Board of Directors in December 2009, a good end to a year and a great beginning of another. I see this as a challenge to grow and be a stronger and better person, fulfilling our efforts to benefit many. I am looking forward to meeting the much improved and better me and making a positive impact on many others.

I am grateful to Rinpoche and the Board of Directors for believing in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity to begin my Dharma work and spiritual journey.


  • CEO, Kechara Media and Publications
  • Senior Manager, Kechara Organisation


I have 3 boys and 3 siblings – 2 brothers and a sister. I graduated from Pepperdine University, California, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration.

Professionally, since graduating I worked in my family’s business, manufacturing latex surgical and examination gloves as the Director of Operations for 8 years. During this same period, I was also engaged by a German dental company to manage their outsource manufacturing facility in Malaysia.

In short, while managing both these companies, I acquired experience in Management, Production, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Finance, Administration, Product Research and Sales and Marketing. During this time and all the experience I also developed a creative mind in generating ideas and trouble shooting.

Since completing my tenure with both these manufacturing companies, I ventured into completely unrelated new industries doing Network Marketing and IT Digital Signage. I have since then left both industries and am now happily committed to my Dharma career.



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Phng Li Kim

8 June 2009 - 12:43am Comments Off

My aspiration has always been to be happy within and without. Kechara helps me to find the true meaning of happiness that comes from a deep inner self, exuding an energy that creates happiness for everyone.

Phng Li Kim, 38
Chief Executive Officer
Kechara Media & Publications

Phng Li Kim is as highly accomplished as her mother, May Phng. Since graduating from Pepperdine University in California with a BSc in Business Administration, Li Kim has managed a wide variety of companies, ranging from the manufacture of latex surgical and examination gloves, to companies dealing in network marketing and IT digital signage. In short, Li Kim has ample experience in Management, Production, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Finance, Administration, Product Research, and Sales and Marketing. Her professional expertise makes her well-suited to her current position as CEO of Kechara Media & Publications.

How did you find Kechara? Presumably you were introduced to Kechara by your mother?

Yes, my mother introduced me to Kechara in 2009 – my first encounter was an amazing private audience with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche that left me thinking, “Hey, Buddhism isn’t THAT boring. And Rinpoche is pretty cool!”

What were your reasons for joining Dharma work? Did you know much about Dharma when you started?

Since my first meeting with Rinpoche and my subsequent meetings with the Liaisons and other Kechara members, I was able to accept whatever I heard. I found it logical and that it didn’t expect you to believe in things that could not be possible. When I began, my knowledge in Dharma was close to zero and I knew a career in Dharma was one way to apply myself and my skills to start my spiritual path.

Did you have any doubts when you started?

When Liaisons JP Thong, Henry Ooi and my mother called me to ask if I was ready to take Dharma all the way, I said yes immediately. It had influenced me substantially to see my mother so involved and believing so strongly in Rinpoche; I knew I could not be doing the wrong thing. So while I may have had some doubts then, I definitely have no doubts now.

What is your life’s aspiration? Has it changed since you came to Kechara?

My aspiration has always been to be happy within and without. It hasn’t changed since coming to Kechara and actually, by coming to Kechara, I find myself coming closer to achieving my aspiration. Kechara helps me to find the true meaning of happiness that comes from a deep inner self, exuding an energy that creates happiness for everyone. My aspiration is to be happy with purpose.

Why do you like Rinpoche? Something about him must have had an effect on you to become committed to Dharma so quickly!

I just do. In Rinpoche’s eyes I see and feel true compassion. In Rinpoche and his teachings, I find hope that I can be a better person. There’s nothing I can say (which has not already been said!) about Rinpoche’s skilful methods of teaching. I can only add that Rinpoche is a high being who has caught my heart and made me believe in myself.

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