Chuah Su Ming

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Director of Tsem Ladrang

My family met Rinpoche when Rinpoche first came to Malaysia in 1992. I was 14 years old at that time. As a teenager then, I didn’t think I needed any form of religion. The world was my oyster.

After completing my studies in UK, I returned to Malaysia and worked for Bacardi-Martini Malaysia. It was a glamorous job with many travel opportunities. Around the same time, I became very curious about my mother’s involvement in Kechara. Eventually, I attended one of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s public teachings and I have been interested since.

I grew up in a Buddhist/Taoist family where all the Buddhist/Taoist rituals were never explained to me.  Tibetan Buddhism, especially Rinpoche’s explanations, made a lot of sense as there are always reasons behind everything. At the same time, I was very attracted to Rinpoche’s delivery of Dharma. And from then on, I began to be very active in volunteering.

Towards the end of 2007, I received an offer from Kechara to work for the outlets in their marketing department. At that time, I was working with L’Oreal Malaysia. I did hesitate as I was embarking on a new portfolio in L’Oreal. However, I recalled that in one of Rinpoche’s teachings, Rinpoche mentioned that there will never be a good time to join Dharma as we are always engrossed in our own selfish pursuits. I joined and have never looked back ever since that day. And now, I’m adamant in making Dharma my career. It gives me such personal fulfilment as I can benefit more people here than I ever could anywhere else in any other career.

After joining Rinpoche and the Kechara organisation, my experiences in Dharma always make me want to focus on benefitting others and NOT think of myself. Listening to Rinpoche’s teachings makes me realise that whatever I have been chasing for in my career and personal pursuits were illusions and everything was impermanent.

When I first went to Rinpoche’s teachings, I didn’t know that I would become more and more involved in Kechara. At the beginning I liked Rinpoche’s vision but now, I want to be part of it.


  • Director of Marketing and PR, Tsem Ladrang
  • Director of Human Resource, Kechara Organisation
  • Operations Manager, Kechara Lounge, Nepal


2000 – 2007    Product Group Manager
Marketing Department, Bacardi-Martini Malaysia
Responsible for developing and executing marketing plans for Bacardi, Grey Goose and Bombay Sapphire in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

2007 – 2008    Marketing Manager
Luxury Division, L’Oreal Malaysia
Responsible for developing and executing sales and marketing plans for Biotherm Skin Care for the Malaysian Market.




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