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Now based in Kuala Lumpur for the past twelve years, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche is the founder and spiritual guide of the KECHARA organization, Gaden Shartse’s branch in Malaysia. Kechara started with the founding of Kechara Paradise in 1999, with the help of Dato’ Eric Tan, Rinpoche’s long-time friend and sponsor. Envisioned to be a mini temple, Kechara Paradise was a Dharma store providing materials, information and support to many who were new to Dharma and the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Kechara House - H.E. Tsem Rinpoche's Dharma centre in Malaysia

As a young boy, I was left alone with no parents. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche showed me kindness. He took the time to care for me, to teach me and he believed in me. He took the time out to talk to me, to guide me and give me direction.

Kechara Paradise SS2 - the first location in Malaysia

Rinpoche would give informal teachings in Kechara Paradise and other locations, which grew in popularity, culminating in the establishment of Kechara House, the Dharma center in 2004. Situated in the quiet and peaceful environs of SunwayMas, and featuring a beautiful teaching and prayer hall, endowed with splendid representations of the Three Jewels, Kechara House was the location for many teachings, pujas, meditation and study sessions.

Lama Tsongkhapa on the main altar at Kechara House

KECHARA has manifested because Zong Rinpoche took the time to care for a young useless person like me. All this happened because my Gurus took an interest in me, taught me Dharma, guided me and talked to me.

Rinpoche’s wonderful gift of presenting the ancient teachings in accessible and relevant ways while never losing or diluting the profound essence of the Buddha’s timeless wisdom has attracted an ever-growing number of students and friends, awakening in many the wish to enter the sacred path of study, contemplation and meditation.

Spreading H.E. Tsem Rinpoche's teachings around the world

Today, KECHARA has mushroomed into thirteen growing departments which cover the entire spectrum of Buddhist learning and activity. From pujas to arts to books to travel to community service, there is something for everyone. Just as Buddha Shakyamuni taught 84,000 methods to Enlightenment, KECHARA offers a multitude of activities for Rinpoche’s students and friends to practice and study the Dharma in ways applicable in these modern times.

All this has grown because of my Gurus pulling a useless, young boy aside and giving him trust in himself. I will repay Zong Rinpoche’s kindness with hard work, effort, generosity, enthusiasm. Outwardly I will make departments grow; inwardly I will battle afflictions and delusions.

KECHARA offers a multitude of activities to suit all spiritual aspirants

Kechara Forest Retreat - A unique holistic retreat center

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