A Flower Named Princess

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The first children’s book published by Kechara Media & Publications, A Flower Named Princess brings a lively blend of comic art and moral fable to young readers. Princess tells the story a spoilt little girl who terrorises the other children in her village and staff in her household. Her uncontrollable temper makes her the most feared person in the village. However, no one has ever had the courage to stand up to her and make her see how unpleasant she is.

One day, Princess bumps into a wise old man in the park. As usual, Princess is rude and throws a tantrum at the old man. Little does she know though, that the old man is no ordinary man. Seeing that Princess needs to be taught a lesson, the wise old man performs a little magic to teach her a lesson…

Published in collaboration with the education committee of Kechara House, Princess teaches children valuable lessons in the importance of kindness, humility and harmony with the people we live with. It is being planned as part of a series, which we hope will be used as part of the Manjushri Kids’ Class programme at Kechara House. As an individual volume, it is also a wonderful companion for any children’s classes or learning activity.

Story by Shirley Maya Tan
Illustrations by Yun Kim Loong
Pages: 41
Language: English
Published: May 2011

From the Scriptwriter

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s idea is to craft spirituality into stories for children. In this way, the kids can begin to connect with their own spirituality from early on. What’s more important is that children are able to learn the values and virtues of life. Through stories, we can show our children what loving kindness looks like and what being spiritual is all about. If children have more exposure to good moral stories and examples, they will be inspired to embody those qualities for themselves.

In this era, the new generation of children are all very bright and intelligent. They are not lacking in skills, ideas and interests. However, what they may be lacking in are wisdom and values. Buddhism teaches compassion and wisdom as one. We hope that through these Buddhist themed children stories, we can help kids grow up into better people.

By: Shirleymaya Tan

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