Pilgrims 2nd Store Window Christmas Display!

9 May 2009 - 4:02am Comments Off

JP admires the final touches to the window display

Dear Liaisons, HODs and friends,

More new marketing news from Kathmandu!!

More Christmas decorations from Liaison Joy has arrived. Once again Liaison JP Thong, David and myself were at the 2nd Pilgrims Book Shop decorating their window display with the Christmas ornaments highlighting “If Not Now, When?” Coffee Table Book.

Kating Rinpoche and Raj Kumar were also there to help. We took around 2 hours plus to gather everything together. The managers and staff were very happy with the end result of the display.

When we were setting up, there were already some tourists stopping and looking at the coffee table book. Tomorrow, David will add some final touches to the display and we will be all set.

David has conducted his first brief with the Pilgrims sales staff on Rinpoche’s background and all KMP books on sale in Pilgrims currently. The Christmas/Appreciation Party will be held after 15th December as the owner is away in India and expected to be back then.

We are currently working with the designer from Kathmandu Guest House for additional banners and buntings promoting Rinpoche. I will update all when items are done.

Do tune in for more exciting news from Kathamandu.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Chuah Su Ming & David Lai
Liaison of Tsem Ladrang KM

Kating Rinpoche talks to Raj Kumar while JP adds the finishing touches inside

Doesn’t the window look great?

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