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Congratulations Gisbert!

It was almost midnight on 28th July 2009 when H.E. Tsem Rinpoche summoned a group of students to Tsem Ladrang to make an announcement.  No one knew what to expect but a night with Rinpoche always involved ideas about how to bring Dharma to others through various means, unconventional though they may be, to appeal to many different types of minds.  This time, Rinpoche wanted to create a beautiful and artistic coffee table book about Lama Tsongkhapa to cater to the masses that may not be religiously inclined, appealing to people of all religions, culture, race and background.

Rinpoche speaks with passion about Tsongkhapa

That night was the birth of the Tsongkhapa Coffee Table Book Competition where the winner of the competition will take home RM5,000 and win a contract to work with Rinpoche himself to create an internationally-appealing, high standard and universal coffee table book. The book would create global awareness of Tsongkhapa and thereby the cause for our own retreat centre, Tsem Kacho Ling.

Rinpoche looks at the various proposals


Fast forward six weeks to 13th September 2009 in Kechara House 2, where 54 people waited with bated breath for Rinpoche to choose a winner from the 7 proposals submitted earlier.

An enraptured audience...


Prior to that moment, all guests had been invited to view the various proposals and to cast their vote for their two favourite proposals. Just before the arrival of Rinpoche, the winner of public vote was announced - Gisbert Roth’s proposal “A Contemporary Visual Journey Through The Life and Legacy Of Lama Tsongkhapa” ranked first in public polls.

Who said that Dharma is not fun?


Shortly after, Rinpoche arrived and, following an inspired Dharma teaching, it was the moment of truth!  The results of the competition were announced by Rinpoche amidst much laughter, excitement and nail-biting moments.

Who should I give this to.....??


2nd prize went to “Je Tsongkhapa – the Miraculous Mind” submitted by contestants Cynthia Lee, Lim Huck Long, Loo Kheng Yip and Tsem Ladrang’s Justin Ripley, who won RM2,500 and a fully sponsored contract to work on the book with Rinpoche.

The 2nd prize winners! Huck, Loo, Cynthia and Justin!


The grand prize winner was no other than Gisbert Roth, the winner of the earlier public polls.   “A Contemporary Visual Journey Through The Life and Legacy Of Lama Tsongkhapa” won RM5,000 and Gisbert will be working closely with Rinpoche to produce the book – fully sponsored, of course!

Gisbert receives his prize from Ladrang Liaison Beng Kooi


** Gisbert has generously donated his winnings to Kechara Soup Kitchen, in full support of their mission to feed and aid the homeless and underprivileged of Kuala Lumpur.

Gisbert offers his prize winnings to KSK President Ruby Khong

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