Going forward with Setrap

2 July 2010 - 8:31am 1 Comment

Once more, members of Kechara House (KH) will come together for a Setrap retreat for the next phase of our expansion. We completed another Setrap retreat recently to ensure the smooth progress of the new gompa (prayer hall) renovations, and renovations began on 12 June 2010.

However, our gompa is not the ultimate goal and preferring not to sit around waiting for it to be ready, Kecharians want to push forth to create causes for the swift manifestation of Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC).

The motivation for this Setrap retreat is to request Dharmapala Setrap to help KWPC to manifest swiftly and smoothly, for it to be an institution that will benefit everyone on this planet. As part of the retreat, we will be requesting Setrap to inspire people to come forth, get involved and be part of this meritorious project.

During the retreat we aim to complete:

  • 1,000,000 Setrap mantras
  • 108,000 black tea offerings
  • 54,000 Prostrations

The retreat will have a truly auspicious start as the opening session is at 8pm on 6 July 2010 which is His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday. Come and join us, and engage in sacred prayers which have helped institutions like Gaden Monastery continue to prosper for over 600 years!

Bring blessings home

It is recommended that retreat participants invest in a serkym set so that offerings are standardised, and their black tea offerings are included in the count. Available at Kechara House 2, each set costs RM120 and will be a worthwhile investment, given the number of Setrap pujas we do at Kechara House…it’ll be something you can use week after week, to generate blessings for yourself and your loved ones, in this life and future lives.

You can also take these blessings home with you – as Rinpoche has said, participants, loved ones and friends can place their Setrap images on the altar, to be blessed during the retreat. These images include the pendants and incense which will be made available for purchase. Participants can also place mantras, chakras, pearls and wealth vases on the altar to be consecrated, so that they may be put into large statues in the future. In fact, even those who have passed away or are very sick, or disturbed by spirits, can gain benefits too – retreat participants can place their photos and names under Setrap’s image, so that they may gain his protection.

As with any holy activity which generates a whole heap of blessings, obstacles will arise. For example, building the new gompa is a holy activity and obstacles will arise, which is why we are doing so many pujas and retreats! Thus Rinpoche reminds us that those doing this retreat may experience obstacles like anger, disharmony, fighting, bad dreams, minor accidents and disputes. When this happens, we should feel happy that our bad karma is coming out and being purified.

Though the main aim for this retreat is KWPC, it will be possible for everyone to draw benefit from the energies that the prayers will generate. If you wish to make a personal request for obstacle clearance or blessings, even if you are abroad, please contact our Administrator Lim Tat Ming at house@kechara.com or +603 7803 3908. You can also speak to Tat Ming for information about attending or purchasing of your serkym.

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