Bringing Lama Tsongkhapa Home

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 9:44am

Early on Sunday 18 January, Lord Tsongkhapa was invited into another home – this time to the Chu family.

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New Associate Liaison May Phng is sworn in

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 9:32am

Recently, after joining Tsem Ladrang as the Director of Operations and Head of Fund Raising, May Phng was unanimously voted [...]

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Kechara Chinese New Year Dinner & Auction

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 9:10am

After celebrating Chinese New Year at various different venues over the past few years, Kechara finally has a dining room [...]

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Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:43am

We received the good news from Ladrang Liaison Su Ming that there would be a statue party on 15 March [...]

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Message from H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche – How a Handbag is Made

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:39am

This is how a handbag is made. Please take a good look and forward this on to others.

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Message from H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche – Setrap Puja for Cheng Beng and Sunway students visit to KH

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:34am

Cheng Beng is the traditional Chinese festival to remember our ancestors and tend to their graves. At Kechara House, we [...]

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Message from H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche: Two new Apprentice Liaisons sworn in

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:33am

Liaisons are people who have dedicated the rest of their lives to work very closely with me within their individual [...]

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TWO MORE JOIN THE LIAISONS! Bill Keith and May Woo join the Liaisons Council as Apprentice Liaisons

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:27am

20 March marked another milestone for the Liaisons Council as two new Apprentice Liaisons, Bill Keith and May Woo swore [...]

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19th Setrap Retreat at Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel (KSJC) in Johor

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:23am

Great news from KSJC – a group of nine attended the 19th Setrap Retreat at KSJC and chanted 1007 malas [...]

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Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:19am

This year’s Ching Ming Setrap Puja was held on Saturday, 21st March with two sessions catering for the English and [...]

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Liaisons’ Dinner at Kechara Oasis

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:16am

23 Liaisons and their guest of honour, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, attended a dinner at Kechara Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant at [...]

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New Kechara House Working Committee members

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:09am

With effect from 21st Mar 2009, Elaine Cheah has joined KH Working Committee as Event Writer and KH contact for [...]

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Connecting to the Enlightened mind: Taking refuge and the 8 precepts on Wesak Day

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 6:07am

We will be requesting H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche to grant Refuge for those wishing to take this commitment.

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Final Setrap Retreat at Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel (KSJC) in Johor

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 5:59am

Completion of Setrap retreat at KSJC – a group of thirteen attended the 20th and final Setrap Retreat at KSJC [...]

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Tsem Ladrang visits the Singapore Cell Group

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 5:52am

This weekend, Ladrang Head Liaison JP Thong and Associate Liaison May Phng (also Director of Operations for Tsem Ladrang) made [...]

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Setrap Practice Revisited

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 5:41am

Working Hand-in-Hand – that’s how the Lama and the Dharma Protector work together to bring benefit to others. How lucky [...]

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KH Annual Manjugosha Debate Tournament 2009 – Week 1

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 3:57am

4th April 2009 marked the opening day of Kechara House’s Annual Manjugosha Debate Tournament 2009.

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Wesak Fair 2009!

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 3:19am

Kechara House celebrates Wesak Day 2009 in style with the Kechara Wesak Fair this coming May 9.

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KMP and Tsem Ladrang enter the Debate Semi-Finals!!!

Saturday, 2/5/2009 - 2:33am

Kechara House hosted the next two sessions of the Annual Manjugosha Debate Tournament last Sunday which saw Kechara Media and [...]

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