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Many establishments in Kathmandu are well acquainted with Kechara Lounge and vice versa. Therefore, we are able to provide visitors with a great deal of useful information in recommending places to eat, shop, sleep and everything in between. Do drop by the Lounge and speak with our staff at hand directly. We are most delighted to help you make the most out of your stay in this lovely city.

Useful Tips

Kathmandu is an interesting city to visit. One can easily get lost in its timeless beauty and beloved heritage architecture. Here are some useful tips to make your visit more pleasant:

  • The best time to visit is from late September to November. The rainy season would have just finished and the weather is cool and dry. December to February is also pleasant but much cooler.
  • Drink only from bottled water. And be sure to bring along a bottle of water when you leave your hotel. It is a journey in itself to travel around Kathmandu.
  • Always carry a torchlight. Electricity is unpredictable and street lighting is non-existent at times.
  • Always bargain with the cab drivers and shopkeepers, and never take the first offered price as the final price.
  • Be sure to carry US Currency as it is the most widely acceptable currency in Nepal.

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