Must Try Foods

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One cannot travel all the way to Kathmandu and not sample its unique cuisine. These are just some of the suggested foods you must try before leaving the city.

Dal Bhat

A staple of the Nepali diet is dhal bhat, the traditional meal of rice with condiments. Expect to be served a large tray or plate of rice with small portions of dhal (lentils), meat curry, vegetables, tarkari (spiced potatoes) and pickles. In most restaurants, free refills (except the meat) are the norm.

Dhal Bhat


These are dumplings filled with your choice of meat or vegetables. Have them steamed, deep-fried or lightly pan-fried.

Steamed momos


A popular noodle soup dish, usually served with your choice of vegetables, eggs or meat.



A specialty rice dish normally served during festivals. The rice is pre-flattened, dried and served with a selection of side dishes. Best eaten when freshly made while the chiura is crispy and light.

Chiura served with a bean dish

Nepali Cha

A visit to Nepal is incomplete without a glass or two of ‘Cha’ – small cups of strong tea with milk and sugar. Also try the hot masala tea which is brewed with added spices and is a perfect start to the day.

Nepali tea

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