Shirley Maya Tan

C.E.O of Revolver Asia

30 April 2010 - 7:30pm 1 Comment

I have never been to Nepal before this trip. I did not know quite what to expect. To sum it up in one sentence, time seems to stand still in Kathmandu and the dust never settles here. The cacophony of every day life explodes from the wee hours of dawn and fizzles off very early in the evening. Except in places like Thamel, where tourists keep the place quite lively until around 10pm.

But the most delightful surprise is this cool, swanky lounge located on the 1st floor of a building within the Boudhanath Stupa circle itself. Called Kechara Lounge, it is a sheer contrast to the ancient architecture outside its four walls. And it has the nicest bathroom in the whole of Kathmandu.

This is a lounge where I can totally kick back and immerse myself with the generous assortment of reading materials and DVDs. I can surf the net, sip my coffee and savour the view outside and inside.

This is what I would call a real Buddha Lounge.

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