Harriet from London

14 October 2010 - 7:10pm Comments Off

Some of the books available in the reading area of Kechara Lounge in Kathmandu

Hi Rinpoche, I visited Kechara Lounge today and will return again tomorrow as it is very near to the hotel I’m staying at, Khumba Hotel. It is a beautiful and peaceful respite and has a lovely meditative and serene atmosphere there. I am reading a couple of your books and there is a lot of wisdom in what you write.

Especially what resonates with me is the bridging of East and West thinking, and many themes you bring up which are very much dilemmas in mine and many Westerners lives. I came across your work initially simply just browsing the Buddhist section at Pilgrims Bookshop, then saw another book of yours at Fellows Cafe and so it followed…it is funny how life is like that, how we find our way…

I have been looking through your photos, excellent photos, an eclectic mix of spiritual, humane, familial, biographical and divine. I love the photos of Mumu, you clearly have a special connection with animals and this is reflected in your relationships with them as depicted in these pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us on Facebook.

Soon, I will be returning to London where I reside, will you be coming to London anytime in the near future to give a talk? There are many people there who would benefit greatly from your words and wisdom.


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