Yippee!!!!! Kechara Lounge Flags are FINALLY UP

9 May 2009 - 3:31am Comments Off

Here are some pictures of the flags our contractors hung up today FINALLY, after many many days of empty promises.

The background design of the logo was conceptualised by David with Sandesh (graphic designer for Kathmandu Guest House). Notice the Lama Tsongkhapa outline behind the bam logo and conch shell behind Rinpoche’s photo. The banners alternate between both English and Chinese languages. Currently, Kechara Lounge has the coolest signboard in Boudha and the moving banners capture the eyes of many pilgrims circumambulating around the Stupa.

Currently, Sandesh will be helping us with the design of a smaller signboard near the entrance downstairs by the stairway and another one above the noticeboard outside the main door of Kechara Lounge. Sandesh will also be our photographer to shoot professional shots of Kechara Lounge. He promised the signboards will be done within 3-4 days. *Fingers crossed*

Tomorrow, Gen Jamyang will be moving in Rinpoche’s grand throne and the Nepalese Telekom will be fixing the phone line and internet. *Fingers double-crossed*


Chuah Su Ming
Liaison of Tsem Ladrang

1st flag up

Entrance to Kechara Lounge

Flags facing Boudha Stupa

Flags with Stupa Background

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