Rinpoche’s books hits the heart of Kathmandu

9 May 2009 - 4:41am Comments Off

In the heavily-visited tourist area of Kathmandu, there are a few main, busy streets that are packed with many interesting shops, bookstores, restaurants etc. Among the bookstores, the largest and most popular that has been around for over 25 years is Pilgrim’s Bookstore right in the heart of Thamel (the Bukit Bintang of Kathmandu).

Ladrang Liaison Chuah Su Ming made good contacts with the owners of Pilgrim’s and they have agreed to let us use their main window along Thamel’s busiest street for displaying Rinpoche’s books, posters, DVDs and CDs.

Recently, Ladrang Liaisons JP Thong, Beng Kooi, Su Ming and KMP’s David Lai, who are all in Kathmandu now, worked on Pilgrim’s window display, around a Christmas theme which Pilgrim’s had requested for. During the Christmas season, many tourists like to buy book gifts. We can keep our displays there for three weeks for free.

On top of that, the Ladrang have specially arranged for a TV to be put at Pilgrim’s. It will be playing Rinpoche’s DVD teachings during working hours to attract many walk-ins!!

Tsem Ladrang has also produced over 1,000 DVDs of Rinpoche’s teachings for free distribution through Pilgrim’s, other bookstores, thangka stores, cafes and restaurants around Kathmandu.

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