Rinpoche’s book, “If not now, when?” at Pilgrims Bookstore, Nepal!

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Pilgrims Bookstore, Nepal

Dear everyone,

In the heavily visited tourist area of Kathmandu, there are a few main streets that are very long and packed with many interesting shops, bookstores, restaurants etc.

Among the bookstores, the largest and most popular that has been around for over 25 years is Pilgrim’s Bookstore right in the heart of Thamel-Kathmandu.

Liaison Su Ming made good contacts with the owners of Pilgrim’s and they have agreed to let us use their main window along the busiest street for displaying our Kechara books, posters, DVDs and CDs!

So Su Ming, JP, BK and David worked on the window display with the Christmas theme. Pilgrim’s requested the Christmas theme. During Christmas, many tourists like to buy book gifts.

While setting up, the owner Mr Rama Rand was very pleased with our items in his display window and the staff were very helpful. We can keep our displays there for three weeks for free. No charge at all. The ladrang has produced over one thousand DVDs of teachings for free distribution through Pilgrim’s, other bookstores, thangka stores, cafes and restaurants..

The picture attached is from today, tomorrow more work will be done on the display and better pictures sent. Just a quick update for everyone.

On top of that, our buntings and free DVD distribution will be at the bookstore with a TV playing our teachings during working hours to attract walk ins!! The ladrang purchased a TV and put it on loan at Pilgrim’s. Our marketing campaign for Kechara House is taking off well so far with everyone’s hard work. Many Buddhist pilgrims and tourists will be made aware of Kechara House and our projects!!!!!

Tsem Rinpoche

Spiritual Director
Kechara House & TKL Retreat Centre

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