Renovations at Kechara Lounge

9 May 2009 - 3:53am Comments Off

Kechara members have been hard at work in very cold Nepal to get renovations done at Kechara Lounge so we can reach spiritual seekers on pilgrimages to one of the holiest Buddhist sites.

Kechara Lounge

Take a look at the photos and you will see that Kechara Lounge in the heart of Boudha is steadily shaping up! The carpenters are finishing up on the benches, shelves, cabinets and other wooden furniture. It gets dark after 5pm so we even brought a portable rechargeable light so the men can work late. Today will be the last day for the carpenters to finish up on the carpentry work. Then, they’ll be handing the lounge over to us so we can begin cleaning up and putting in furnishings.

This will mean getting cushions, photos, information brochures and a million other things into Kechara Lounge to make it warm and inviting for everybody!

It won’t be long before you will be receiving photos of the inauguration of Kechara Lounge. Keep your eyes peeled!


Kathmandu Team

Liaison Su Ming, Liaison Beng Kooi,

Associate Liaison Jamie Khoo, David Lai and Shin Tan

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