Raj Kumar’s kindness!

30 April 2009 - 10:38pm Comments Off

Raj Kumar is a master tailor and one of our closest friends in Kathmandu. His skills are sought after by many Rinpoches, high Lamas and monasteries all over India, Nepal, Tibet and even America! Despite his fame, Raj remains very humble and kind – a true Dharma practitioner! We would like to share this beautiful news with all of you.

Three days ago, Raj Kumar rushed this old man to the hospital as he complained of chest pain. After X-rays and blood tests, the diagnosis was negative for major illness. However, the doctor did find a slight chest problem which will require further tests at a later stage. Raj Kumar also arranged for new clothes and for someone to clean the old man, who was going to India to visit his daughter the next day.

Raj Kumar has been supporting this old man for a few years now, providing him with food and shelter near his shop in Boudha. Raj Kumar also pays for the man’s monthly trips to India so that he can visit his daughter. Raj Kumar cares a lot for him as he is frail, doesn’t drink and begs on the street to support his daughter in India.

This is just ONE of Raj Kumar’s acts of kindness. 2 weeks ago, Raj Kumar rescued a little puppy suffering from a skin disease. He took the puppy to KAT (Kathmandu Animal Treatment) for treatment. He often visits the puppy to make sure he is doing well. The pup is always happy to see Raj Kumar and responds to whatever Raj says in Nepalese.

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