New Year Lunch at the Kathmandu Ladrang

30 April 2009 - 10:33pm Comments Off

The Nepali New Year, also known as Bikram Sambat, was celebrated this year on Tuesday, 14th April 2009. Ladrang Liaison Chuah Su Ming and our driver Krishna arranged a special New Year lunch for all the staff at Tsem Ladrang Kathmandu. It was a splendid day and the staff were enjoying themselves, relaxing in the nice weather.

Sabitha & Muiya prepare the food...

The staff at the Kathmandu Ladrang spend most of their time in the butterlamp house where they clean, wash and make new butterlamps for H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s 100,000 butterlamp retreat. The ladrang encourages all students to make the most of this opportunity to sponsor Rinpoche’s holy butterlamp retreat. Those who are interested can contribute towards a day, week, or month of the retreat. The butterlamps are offered daily to Vajrayogini and the merits are dedicated to whomever the sponsor nominates. To find out more about sponsoring butterlamps, please contact Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi at

... and serve the rest of the Kathmandu team

We appreciate our Nepali staff very much; they have proven to be reliable, hard-working and responsible. The Ladrang will continue to care for them and to treat them to an appreciation lunch every 2 months

A lovely lunch under a green canopy and fresh mountain air

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