Kechara Rickshaws in Thamel

30 April 2009 - 10:19pm Comments Off

40 rickshaw drivers waited patiently at an alley near Thamel, ignoring the curious stares of passers-by. Suddenly, the drivers jumped to their feet as a car pulled up and Ladrang Liaison Su Ming, Ms Thapa (Kechara Lounge Administrator) and our driver Krishna stepped out.

Liaison Su Ming distributing buntings

Ms. Thapa making a record of the drivers

The drivers had gathered to have Kechara buntings affixed to their rickshaws. With our friend Batri’s help, we now have 40 rickshaws with eye-catching buntings zooming around the ever-popular Thamel area. Prominently featuring Kechara’s name and website address, we’re certain the buntings will attract the tourists’ attention each time a rickshaw passes by!

Payment time!

40 rickshaws in a Thamel alley...

We started this awareness campaign in November 2008 and it has continued until today. Not only do we promote our organisation via these buntings, it is also an opportunity for the rickshaw drivers to earn additional income, especially during the low tourist season.

Happy driver with his bunting!

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