Kechara Lounge

9 May 2009 - 4:55am Comments Off

Boudanath Stupa

From Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi in Kathmandu

Kechara Lounge is officially on! Ladrang Liaisons JP, Su Ming and Beng Kooi met the owner of a first-floor shop lot, 10 feet away from the world famous Boudhanath stupa and confirmed that Kechara will be taking the lot, which we will be converted into a chill out lounge. The location is superb with great views of the stupa, circumambulating pilgrims and of the Boudha area in general.

The lounge will be a place for visitors to listen to Rinpoche’s teachings in the chill-out area, browse through KMP books, look at photos of our organisation (on the walls and in photo albums), and just relax over a cup of tea. They can purchase exclusive “not-made-in-Nepal” items from our outlets and Kechara Discovery. Our China statues can really compete with the Nepal statues, especially if decorated and personalised by Kechara Saraswati Arts! Kechara Discovery can promote their pilgrimages, taking both Kechara House members and foreigners to all the holy places around Kathmandu. Kechara Soup Kitchen (the Nepal chapter – read story below!) can also operate a Kathmandu branch from here, feeding the poor from downstairs when everything else has closed. Stray dogs too!

Best of all, our members will be on hand to explain and promote Rinpoche, Kechara House, our retreat centre and the rest of the organisation, in one of the holiest places in Nepal which also happens to be a melting-pot of thousands of visitors from all around the globe, many of whom are Buddhist. When they return to their own countries, we hope that it is with a greater awareness of Rinpoche, Kechara House, and especially our future retreat centre. We need plenty of support for our many works and this is the best place to start!

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