Kechara goes Global in Kathmandu

9 May 2009 - 4:45am Comments Off

Right now, as you’re reading this, a whole busy team in Nepal are doing extensive work to promote the Kechara organisation and its work throughout the city.

An enormous banner, designed by Ladrang Liaison Joy Kam, has been specially customised and sent over to Kathmandu, where it now hangs outside our Kechara Lounge, set to open in mid December. Located only 10 feet away from the world-renowned Boudha Stupa, Kechara Lounge is set to take the world by storm – thousands of Buddhist pilgrims and tourists will be walking by our very own Kechara brand in Nepal’s busiest site!

This lounge has been set up to create awareness of the Kechara organisation, our activities and huge future projects such as our retreat centre. A fantastic way to bring Rinpoche and Kechara to the next global level!

As well as that, adverts which were also designed by Joy are being attached to the back of rickshaws around the city. The whole tourist area of Kathmandu will now see rickshaws travelling through the streets with the Kechara name.

Our marketing campaign for Kechara house is taking off well so far with everyone’s hard work. Many Buddhist pilgrims and tourists will gain huge exposure to Kechara and our projects!

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