Home Sweet Home: The Nepal Ladrang

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Dear Liaisons and Ladrang,

I’m writing on behalf of the Kathmandu team from the cosy pretty spaces of our KATHMANDU LADRANG LIVING ROOM!

We officially moved into the Ladrang today. Here’s all the hottest, latest news!


By tradition, we invite Sangha over to do pujas to consecrate the house and environments so that whoever occupies the house or steps in will be blessed with peace, Dharma mind and wisdom.

Four monks came to the Ladrang earlier this week to do pujas as a house blessing to clear obstacles. They were up by about 8.30am and even made tormas themselves for the pujas. We’re amazed – they whipped up a whole set of tormas, set it up on little torma tables and were seated and ready for the puja in less time than it would have taken us to say “Barley Flour!”

The whole Kathmandu team were also up in the Ladrang before 8am to set up the altar, prepare Tsok offerings and cook. Shin and Monlam worked really hard all morning to prepare traditional Tibetan butter tea, breakfast and lunch for the monks.

The monks did a Rabney Trusol and protector puja which started at about 9am and lasted until about 2pm. There were cymbals, drums and lots of fabulous chanting, just like in the monasteries, which filled the whole house and premises. Finally, the Ladrang totally came alive after these many weeks of rubble, scraps, random supplies and suppliers! After the puja, we served them lunch, they had a little walk in our sunshiney garden, and were soon off back to the monastery.


David was our moving star today, shuttling back and forth between the hotel and the Ladrang to pack up things and move it over with the truck. We didn’t know only 6 people could accumulate that much stuff in such a short time (!) but we got it ALL up to the house today and have begun to unpack some of it and shift things around. We’ll still be unpacking over the next few days, taking the plastic sheets off the furniture and ironing out the remaining kinks in the house before Rinpoche comes back.


There are a few more minor works to be done, mostly done outdoors, and then we’re all ready to call is HOME!

It’s EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL up here. The air is amazing (our lungs love it), the sunshine is fantastic in the day and the stars are beautiful at night. With the invention of gas heaters, we even have warmth!

More updates soon!

We hope all of you are well back home. Unsa, unsa? (“okay, okay?” in Nepalese!)

With love,

Kathmandu Team

Beng Kooi, Su Ming, Jamie, David, Shin and Kishma the saluting guard

12 January 2009

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