David helps out at Kechara Lounge, Nepal

9 May 2009 - 4:28am Comments Off

Our new banner announcing the opening of Kechara Lounge in Bodha just put up by Su Ming and David!

Adverts designed by joy that are attached to the rickshaws for 10 rupees a day! They were attached to nine rickshaws so far while waiting for further shipment.. the whole tourist area of Kathmandu will have rickshaws with our signage!!!!

Dear all,

David was sent by KMP dept to help Ladrang to organize Kechara Lounge and then be stationed there for one month to speak to Buddhist passersby re our organization.

so David will be working under Liaison Su Ming to get furniture, framed pictures, thrones, free distribution items, flooring and lighting into our new rented premises. Su Ming and David will get the whole Kechara Lounge organized and ready for official opening of which many local guests and hotel owners have been invited.

Kechara Lounge located in one of the holiest Buddhist sites. Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims visit this stupa monthly.

Kechara Lounge is a Ladrang project under the supervision of Liaison Su Ming. Any questions re Kechara Lounge, please contact her. The whole purpose of Kechara Lounge is to attract the huge Buddhist pilgrims and create awareness of Kechara House and our depts. Also our large projects such as TKL.

Currently Liaisons JP, Loh Seng Piow, Su Ming, Beng Kooi along with Monlam, Ven Kating Rinpoche and David are here with me in Kathmandu doing a lot of work.

Tsem Rinpoche

Spiritual Director
Kechara House & TKL Retreat Centre

David in front of a spectacular thangka in Kathmandu

Kechara Lounge-Bodha

Kechara Advert Rikshaws-Kathmandu

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