Christmas at Pilgrims Book Store

9 May 2009 - 3:59am Comments Off

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We had our first Christmas Party for Pilgrims Book Store, today. It was organised by David Lai, Jamie Khoo and Shin Tan. In the morning, cheese and chocolate cakes were bought from Saturday Cafe (a vegetarian/organic cafe opposite Kechara Lounge) for the party by David. Then, David went to buy special Tara Chakras and packed within pretty little silk pouches as door gifts cum Christmas presents.

Meanwhile, Jamie Khoo and Shin Tan were in Pilgrims busy setting up the space in the cafe area behind Pilgrim’s. They prepared the space, added some glitter as decor and concocted a fruit punch drink. Just to add atmosphere, we replaced the Sitar music with Christmas carols.

The party split into two shifts, the first part began with the office workers filing in. They were mainly women who were accountants, cashiers and other office staff. The owner’s daughters were also present, Kahani(younger sister) and Elizabeth (older sister) and everyone reveled in food and drink. Fortunately, Renki (one of our candidates for the administrator role for Kechara Lounge) was there to translate as she announced us and what we are about. She said the party is to thank everyone for all the help they have extended to us while we had our books and DVDs in the display.

The second shift consisted of mostly male sales staff and they too enjoyed the drinks and food. It was at the second shift that Mr Rama Nand, the founder of Pilgrims, came over and had a bit of food and drink. He talked to us for awhile saying how happy he is that we doing this for his staff. He had just returned that morning from India. He said that his older daughter was very excited in the morning telling him how we were so nice as to have decorated both Pilgrim’s window display and now a Christmas party for the staff. In short, he is very happy with our working partnership.

We are looking forward to more promotional activities with the Pilgrims Book Stores in 2009.

Regards, Kathmandu Marketing Team(Liaison Su Ming, Associate Liaison Jamie, David and Shin)


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