A Sneak Preview of Kechara Lounge

9 May 2009 - 3:46am Comments Off

Ta dah! We are pleased to unveil the almost finished Kechara Lounge. Just look at the beautiful Tibetan benches with modern colors, the first of its kind in Boudha! All of the pillows and cushions of various sizes have been brought over from our apartments in a small little Kelisa taxi. The fabric was sourced locally and the pillows were sewn by our friend and master tailor, Raj Kumar. Also check out the simple desk paired with elegant chairs wrapped with specially chosen fabrics. The lighting fixtures were specially chosen to shed light in the cold wintery nights here in Kathmandu. There is a TV cabinet made to measure literally from an IKEA catalogue. A door on the side of the cabinet leads to a small storage room. Just outside the staircase hangs a buletin board lit by spotlights to capture the attention of various tourists and pilgrims going upstairs to a soon-to-be cafe.

All this is possible through hundreds of hours of supervision, scolding, rewarding, making last minute changes, managing nasty contractors and drunk painters.

Finally, we would like to present Rinkey Dhakal, our Nepali girl wonder. She is just 20 years old and is a breadwinner of her family. She already has work experience as a receptionist. She communicates well in English unlike the rest of the applicants we interviewed. She has been helping Su Ming to supervise, translate and work with the contractors. She has proven to be capable and pleasant to work with during the last two weeks of probationary ‘training cum observation’ period. She will be going through an intense orientation program after the completion of renovations at Kechara Lounge.

We are keeping our fingers, eyes, toes and everything else we have left crossed that Kechara Lounge will be completed very soon and no more drunkard painters who can miraculously converse in English.

Do look out for more news from Kathmandu!!!!!

Liaisons Su Ming and Beng Kooi, Associate Liaison Jamie, Shin & David

Bulletin Board

Display Cabinet

Display Cabinet

Office Area cum Reception

Office Chairs


Throne Area

Throne Area

Tibetan Benches

Tibetan Benches with David

TV Area

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