Kechara in Nepal

Kechara In Nepal

KECHARA has since established its first international visitor centre – Kechara Lounge, Nepal – close to the world-famous Boudhanath Stupa…

Tsem Ladrang, Kathmandu

Tsem Ladrang was established in 2008 in a peaceful mountainous area in the north of Kathmandu. The Ladrang in Nepal [...]

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Nepal Retreat Centre

Establishing a retreat centre in the Kathmandu Valley is our way of spreading the Dharma and the glorious lineage of [...]

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KSK Nepal

Kechara Soup Kitchen Nepal came into being one evening in Kathmandu, when Rinpoche took a rickshaw ride from Vijaswari Vajrayogini [...]

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Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT)

Kechara supports animal shelters like KAT to create the causes to help many more animals, and to manifest the Kechara [...]

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Marketing and Publicity Campaigns

As part of an on-going awareness and publicity campaign in Kathmandu, Kechara has invested in making and placing huge banners, [...]

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