Self-Initiating with Vajrayogini

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Rinpoche performing the ritual

There was a different sort of celebration this Chinese New Year as the Ladrang and a few members prepared for a very special puja that His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche was doing to usher in the new year.

Rinpoche decided to do a Vajrayogini self-initiation ritual on the first day of new year itself. It was to be the first time that Rinpoche had done this ritual in Malaysia as it was previously unavailable to us.

Everyone jumped at the opportunity to help, including Shirley Maya Tan and designer Bill Keith

This was an especially auspicious day to do the ritual as it set the pace for the rest of the year – sending plenty of Vajrayogini energy and supreme enlightened aspirations spinning through the rest of the year. This year, the first day of Chinese New Year also coincided with the Tibetan New Year – Losar, as well as Valentine’s Day: a triple whammy of goodness, love and splendid, shiny new wishes.

With the help of the two visiting monks from Gaden Monastery, the prayers were transliterated and the rituals were explained and written down, making it possible for Rinpoche to finally do the ritual.

Vajrayogini's daju (self-initiation) requires a very elaborate set-up and tormas

A few students (those of us who weren’t busy eating oranges and entertaining pesky relatives) had the very great fortune of spending the day buying tsök offerings and setting up the altar, according to the ritual and instructions of the scriptures. With a huge abundance of flowers, tsök, special tormas made by the monks and beautiful sensory offerings, Rinpoche’s personal altar in his room looked like a piece out of Kechara Paradise itself!

The altar bursting with offerings and beautiful statues

Rinpoche conducted the ritual together with the monks and an assistant while the rest of us spent time doing our other Dharma work, spending valuable time with our Dharma family on the new year.

Upon concluding the ritual, a few of us had the extra good luck of spending a few hours with Rinpoche, basking in that perfect enlightened energy that comes out of any puja.

A variety of Buddha images of all types laid out to be blessed by the Queen of Dakinis, Vajrayogini, during this sacred ritual

More Vajrayogini images to be blessed

Rinpoche explained that this ritual creates the causes for us to do Vajrayogini’s practices ourselves later and to make it grow in this region. As the prayers are now available here, Rinpoche will also be able to do this ritual regularly, creating huge waves of merit for the whole organisation to receive Vajrayogini’s practice in the future.

We ate breakfast together in the dim, early hours of dawn. New Year day had spilled over into the next day and we were still bright and awake. As we tumbled out of the Ladrang, the sun just peeking through the skies, people said it was their best Chinese New Year ever. Even Ven. Kating Rinpoche – Rinpoche’s close old friend from Gaden who did the ritual with Tsem Rinpoche – said it was the best Losar he’d had. It was, for once, a new year filled with meaning and Dharma, full of benefit for the future and a giant happy buzz for the rest of 2010.

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