In Dedication of Loved Ones

14 October 2009 - 9:34pm Comments Off

Inside the new Tsem Ladrang is a 50 foot wall which will house 208, 8″inch Lama Tsongkhapa Statues.

Many have seized this chance to collect merits not only for themselves but also their loved ones. As sponsors of these 208 statues, everyday they collect merits from offerings made daily at Tsem Ladrang.

Tsem Ladrang is the headquarters of the entire organisation and makes continuous offerings for all sponsors, friends and the entire organisation. Offerings are integral in creating the merits to support the growth of individuals as well as the organisation.

Pictured here are just a few of the fortunate people who will have their statues placed on the main altar of Tsem Ladrang.

Here is CEO Phng Li Kim of Kechara Media and Publications signing the 12 statues on behalf of the 12 departments of Kechara.

Should you wish to inquire further you may call

Bonita Khoo 012 6233437 of Tsem Ladrang for more information.

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