A Sign of the e-Division’s Growth

1 June 2010 - 10:42am 1 Comment

It seems that the Ladrang’s e-Division aren’t the only ones excited about their big move to a much bigger space from which they can work to bring His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and Kechara to the world.

Just before Wesak Day, there were big developments to the renovation works at the new e-Division office. Rejoicing in another sign of Kechara’s growth, Rinpoche felt the urge to blog about the team. It began with the installation of the team’s pantry and further painting of their walls, and culminated in the installation of their signboard!

Rinpoche has previously described this team as a 1000-Armed Chenrezig for their ability to bring the Dharma to hundreds of thousands of people by the power of the keyboard. Help them to benefit these people! The team needs your support to carry out their work so please check out their wish list to find out how you can help them to bring Lama Tsongkhapa’s traditions to the world!

Well-known for their love of good food, chances are the team's pantry will be highly utilised!

Black painted walls to be used as blackboards...cool to look at, and functional too!

Tada! The e-Division's presence in SunwayMas is thus unveiled!

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