Holy Setrap in Gaden Choling, Canada

Holy connection – from Kuala Lumpur to Toronto, by Anonymous

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On 2 July 2006, Kechara House received an email from a person called Rob Standfield who belongs to the Gaden Choling Mahayana Buddhist Meditation Centre in Toronto, Canada. They are students of Kyabje Zasep Rinpoche and they had just received the Setrap initiation from Kyabje Zasep Rinpoche. They found the short prayer of Setrap on Tsem Rinpoche’s website and asked if Rinpoche has the translated long Setrap sadhana in English. Upon hearing this, Tsem Rinpoche Rinopche decided to make a connection with the devoted students of Kyabje Zasep Rinpoche, and so he made arrangements to offer them the holy Setrap statue which is the “twin” of the Setrap statue we have in Kechara House, and which has been blessed by His Eminence Kensur Rinpoche Jampa Yeshe, Abbot Emeritus of Gaden Shartse Monastery. In addition, Kechara House also offered 50 Setrap posters to the members of Gaden Choling, these posters were duplications of Tsem Rinpoche’s personal Setrap thangka in Kechara House.

After a few more email correspondences with Rob, finally after 4 months later, the holy Setrap statue arrived in Gaden Choling Canada all the way from Malaysia! Both Gaden Choling and Kechara House were exuberant for the holy connection made half the globe away! Not only is the Setrap statue there, Gaden Choling also ordered 25 copies of “Shartse Jewel”, the precious Setrap sadhana which has just been translated and published by our very own Kechara Media and Publications.

Below are some of the emails and photos that led to the journey of Setrap across oceans and mountains…

21 Nov 2006

Dear Loh Seng Piow,

Here are some pictures of the official welcome. I apologize for the clarity. When Zasep Rinpoche arrives in a few weeks, I will send a picture of Rinpoche with the statue. He is very excited to see the statue at Gaden Choling. When he arrives, our centre will be filled to capacity and many more people will be able to receive the blessings the Glorious Dharmapala Setrapa.

Per Zasep Rinpoche’s request, I have ordered 25 copies of the Setrapa sadhana form Kechara house for Gaden Choling. It wil be so nice to be able to do the medium sadhana together.

All The Best,

17 Nov 2006

Dear Loh Seng Piow,

Setrapchen arrived in perfect condition! He was carefully uncrated and installed in the Gaden Choling prayer hall. Please see the attached pictures. We were especially moved by Tsem Rinpoche’s letter! I have forwarded pictures of the arrival of the statue and Tsem Rinpoche’s letter to Zasep Rinpoche. On Saturday, Tsem Rinpoche’s letter will be read to the Gaden Choling community during the official welcome.

The statue is truly breathtaking. The image of Tsem Rinpoche’s personal Setrap thangkha is so beautiful!

Many Thanks,

12 Nov 2006

Dear Loh Seng Piow,

Happy news! Setrapchen has cleared customs. Kase Logostics will deliver the holy statue to Gaden Choling on Tuesday of next week. On Saturday, the Gaden Choling community will officially welcome Setrapa by reciting Gaden Lhagyama, Short Hyagriva sadhana and Tsem Rinpoche’s short Setrapchen tea offering. Puja will be followed by Khata offering. There is much Joy and excitement here!

I was so happy when I recieved the e-mail this morning with news that Ven. Tsem Rinpoche has translated the medium sadhana of Setrapchen and given detailed video commentary! So many wishes are coming true, through his kindness! I have notified Ven. Zasep Rinpoche and also e-mailed the Gaden Choling board of directors. We hope to be placing and order for sadhanas very soon.

I will send you pictures of the arrival of Setrapa and I will be in contact with you very soon. We pray that Ven. Tsem Rinpoche will be blessed with a very long life. May as many beings as possible have the opportunity to witness his most pure example and receive his blessings.

Much Love,

7 Nov 2006

Dear Loh Seng Piow,

I hope all is well with you. Things are good here. Gaden Choling students are very excited and anxiously awaiting the arrival Tsem Rinpoche’s most kind gift. I received a notice\fax from Kase Logistics here in Toronto . Setrapchen is estimated to arrive in Toronto around November 12. This is wonderful because Zasep Rinpoche returns to Gaden Choling in early December, the arrival of the statue is just in time for Rinpoche’s visit! The staff at Kase logostics are very friendly and helpful. They said they would assist us in the process of clearing the statue from customs. I will let you know when i hear more from Kase Logistics.


9 July 2006

Dear Rob,

As per our telephone conversation, these are the details:

Many years ago in the 80s, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche went to Thubten Dhargye Ling in Los Angeles , and Tsem Rinpoche at that time became Zong Rinpoche’s cook/assistant as instructed by Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen. There Tsem Rinpoche had the great honor to meet Kyabje Zasep Rinpoche.

Tsem Rinpoche is very happy to see your center in Toronto and rejoices supremely to see Zasep Rinpoche’s activities flourishing there.

Therefore, for your center to grow, for the members to gain attainments, for you to spread Buddha’s teachings and for Zasep Rinpoche’s Long Life, Tsem Rinpoche would like to offer all of you and your center a Setrap statue, and 50 Setrap posters which are from Tsem Rinpoche’s personal thangka that has manifested signs. The Setrap statue is the same as that in Kechara House (http://www.kecharahouse.com/kecharahouse.htm) but just that it has been painted red.

Tsem Rinpoche does not want anything from you, but just to inform him when the statue and posters arrive safely (I will inform you again when it is ready to ship). Tsem Rinpoche will give more information next time regarding this.

Best rgds,
Loh Seng Piow
Kechara House

8 July 2006

Dear Loh Seng Piow,

I was very surprised to recieve your call tonight. Thank you so much for calling! I called Zasep Rinpoche tonight in Nelson B.C. to tell him the great news about Tsem Rinpoche’s gift. He was very happy to hear that Tsem Rinpoche was sending Gaden Choling a Setrapchen Statue. He told me he met Tsem Rinpoche in Los Angeles in the 1980′s. He also siad he has visited your website and remarked that it is a tremendous resource!

I can’t express enough, the gratitude we feel being the recipient of such kindness. For you to offer us pictures of a Tsem Rinpoche’s personal thankgha of the Protector is so special. To send us a beautiful qualified statue is act of unbelievable kindness. Zasep Rinpoche says that it most difficult to come by statues of Setrapchen.

I would like to request you to enclose a copy of the long life prayer of Tsem Rnpoche with the statue and picture so we may recite it when we do our practise. We hope to meet Tsem Rinpoche sometime in the future in person. Until that time we’ll continue to enjoy his teachings on your site.

Many thanks on behalf of Zasep Rinpoche and the students at Gaden Choling!

All the Best,

The very first correspondence from Gaden Choling, Canada

2 July 2006

Greetings from Canada ,

Thank-you for all of your wonderful resources! You are most kind to make this information available. We are students of Zasep Rinpoche. Recently, when Zasep Rinpoche was in Toronto , he gave Setrapchen initiation.

Thank you for offering the sadhana of Setrachen on your site. We were wondering if there is a recording of Tsem Rinpoche reciting the sadhana in Tibetan available. Also, do you know if the long Setrabchen Kangtso has been translated? We wish you much success!


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