Karen Chong

11 May 2010 - 8:28am Comments Off

Marketing & PR

Director’s Assistant

Karen Chong is a designer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore. Karen was first introduced to Kechara by a close friend in 2006. After five years in the fashion industry, Karen had grown increasinly uncertain about her life’s direction. Inspired by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings and knowing she could do something about her restlessness, she decided to quit her job in Singapore and joined Kechara full time in 2011. She credits Rinpoche’s teachings with helping through her difficult times and finding a whole new perspective in life.

As part of the Ladrang’s Public Relations team, Karen oversees the gifts system, receiving and organising offerings to Rinpoche and assembling gifts for Rinpoche to send to practitioners all over the world. Karen also puts her creativity to good use by conceptualising and organising various fashion Dharma projects, including the production of creative T-shirts and books inspired by Rinpoche’s teachings.

[M] +6012 7710289
[E] karen.chong@kechara.com

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