Chuah Su Ming


Board of Directors
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

A Business Administration graduate from the University of Sheffield, Su Ming has worked for Bacardi Martini Malaysia and left a jet-setting job with L’Oreal Malaysia to join Tsem Ladrang, which she personally finds more fulfilling on a spiritual level.

Su Ming spearheads all marketing, PR and communications projects of Tsem Ladrang and oversees the outgoing gifts and incoming offerings for H.E. and the Ladrang. She is also the Head of Kechara Care and manages Kechara Lounge in Kathmandu, Nepal.

[M]     +6012 291 1178

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  2. [...] Liaison Chuah Su Ming, who is immensely kind, attentive and always looking for ways to benefit others, is the head of this department. Kechara Care’s work is huge and spans many departments as Su Ming and her fellow Kechara Care staff are involved in every Kechara event or activity to talk to and assist new friends in the organisation. On top of that, Kechara Care also does its best to support existing members and Kechara staff by providing help when they are ill or facing difficulties, and by encouraging them towards the Dharma with many gifts, advice and love. [...]

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  5. [...] are recipes and videos that will be updated from time-to-time. Madam Chua, who is Su Ming‘s mother, is used to cooking food with meat as she brought up her 3 kids. People started to [...]

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  7. [...] Ms. Su Ming, James, Bryan Ho, Ethan Chu, Nicholas Yu, sometimes Wendy and Shin. They really have alot of work to do for their own depts already. I thank them for this so much. [...]

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