2015 Kechara Sunday Dharma School’s Mooncake Festival Celebration

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Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival, is usually celebrated by the ethnic Chinese. Held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month on the night of the full moon, the day is usually celebrated by lighting lanterns, eating mooncakes and moon-gazing over a family reunion.

The Mooncake Festival is the perfect opportunity for Kechara’s Sunday Dharma School teachers to have some fun and bond with our students and parents. Who would want to miss out on the fun?

At 7.30am, the teachers had a short briefing before the children and parents arrived.

By 8:30am, Kechara Lounge was full of excited students and their family members, all chattering and laughing away. The emcees kicked off the event with a quick warm up dance routine!

Pastor Han Nee then gave a speech on the Mid-Autumn festival followed by a short speech from Pastor Adeline.

The children were staring at the table full of scrumptious dishes brought by the parents, so it was a sign to dig in! While everybody was busy with their food, Teacher Melissa and Teacher Michelle went around taking Polaroid pictures of families with their helpers!

Next on the agenda was games! “Don’t Break The Bridge” was the first game which involved a parent and a child. Two straws were joined together and each participant had to keep an end in their mouth while in one hand, they had to hold a cup filled with ping pong balls. The rule of the game was to travel to and fro along a line without breaking the straw nor dropping the ball. It was not very easy but definitely was a fun bonding activity for both parent and child!

Later, the newspapers came in! The teachers placed sheets of newspaper on the floor and as the music played, everyone had to stand on the sheets as the teachers went around tearing the newspaper into smaller pieces. The rule was that participants’ feet had to be on the newspaper and not anywhere outside it. The children were squealing in excitement and joy while parents were busy watching where they placed their feet; some even carried their child!

It was a very successful event as both teachers and families went home having bonded more. Do look out for more exciting events by Kechara’s Sunday Dharma School and the interesting ideas the teachers have up their sleeves!

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