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This is the short version of the prayer to Lord Setrap, who is the Dharma Protector of Kechara House. This prayer is based on the original Tibetan scripture that is done by the monks in Gaden Shartse Monastery every day.

Light emanates from the heart seed syllables of the self and front generated deities inviting from their natural abode the Dharmapala and entourage with BEDZA SAMA TZA!

(Thus, contemplate and lighting incense, waving the fan, with confidence of the wisdom deity, accompanied by ritual music, chanting, continue:)


TZA! From the holy celestial mansion of the deathless gods
And the red citadel-like supreme abode of fierce rakshas
O great wild ‘tsen’ yaksha Setrap Chen
Pray come to this place with your entourage!

From the excellent temples of India and Tibet,
Those bases which you are under oath to protect.
By order of the root and lineage Gurus such as Padmasambhava
Who is, in actuality, all Buddhas, pray come!

Especially, to protect the teachings, and Sangha
Who uphold the teachings, of the translator, Loden Sherab.
That sole guiding light of the world in Tibet,
Please remember your sworn promise and come!

They become non-dual with the commitment beings

Within fully vast kapala vessels
In nature bliss-void, aspect, object for offering
These boundless beverages, both set out and envisioned
I offer to the great Dharmapala and entourage!

O King, great Setrap Chen, and your CHEN entourage!
Just as you have strictly sworn before the lord of power Hayagriva, the wisdom holder Padmasambhawa, the translator Loden Sherab and other holy Gurus, Protect Buddha’s teachings! Raise status of the Supreme Rare Jewels! Protect community of Sangha! Spread the happiness of beings! And especially guard and protect Dharma communities wherever the three realms’ king of Dharma Tsongkhapa’s tradition has spread, such as glorious Kechara House.

Proliferate activities of the three wheels of Dharma such as studying the three pitakas and practising the three trainings! And for myself and others pacify non-conducive conditions and obstructions and bring about conducive conditions as we wish!


O dance of the three kayas, hosts of root and lineage
Gurus such as Loden Sherab; please pay attention!
Not maintaining heartfelt faith in the glorious Guru
As being of a nature of the four kayas, I confess.

Hosts of yidam deities of the non-dual means and wisdom
Victorious tantras, without exception, listen!
Whatever is faulty or degenerated among these roots of attainments
My tantric commitments, all I confess.

Though unmoving from the wisdom Dharmakaya devoid of elaboration
Benefiting migrators with whatever form will subdue them
Dharmapala Setrap Chen together with entourage,
Out of compassion, listen to me!

Protector; being lax in doing your retreat and offering tormas,
Not getting substances for outer, inner, and secret bases,
Not giving thanks at the accomplishment of all activities,
And missing regular and permanent tormas, I reveal and confess.

Offering tormas that are inferior, degenerate or polluted,
Not using wrathful yogic activities
To destroy those with broken commitments, enemies, and obstructors,
Hypocrisy, hoarding, and so forth I confess.

In short, whatever transgressions of your body, speech and mind,
Protector, I have committed under control of beginningless karma and delusions,
Without exception I confess from the depths of my heart.

Therefore, like a loving parent for their own beloved child,
Show forbearance out of great compassion
And exert enlightening influence to easily gather without obstruction,
Infinite attainments, common and supreme!

Serkym Offering

Composed by H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche

OM AH HUM (3x)

Those who pour down the attainments, Gurus, yidam deities,
Performers of activity, dakinis, Dharmapalas, and so forth
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
Never waver in your protection! (T)


HRI! Especially, principal guardian of the Conquerors’ Teachings,
Setrap Chen along with entourage to you
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
Never waver in your protection! (T)**

Body emanation of irresistible dark form,
And your emanated messengers, mongoose, and ‘tsen’,
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
Cut down hateful enemies! (T)

Speech emanation dancing like fire of time’s end’s flames,
And messenger, wild ‘tsen’ with expression of fierce wrath,
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
Banish forces with distorted views completely! (T)

With graceful beauty of hundred-thousand-fold autumn moons,
Mind emanation and messenger of deva family,
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
Pacify negative interferences! (T)

Crazer of the three realms’ beings’ minds with sounds
Of right-spiralling conch, and messenger, King of lords,
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
Powerfully attract all goodness of animate and inanimate worlds! (T)

With expression shaking the atoms of massive snow mountains,
Quality emanation and messenger, Guardian of treasures,
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
Increase all samsaric and nirvanic excellence! (T)

In form of a raksha, wet with vicious beings’ blood,
Activity emanation and messenger, wild tsen
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
In yogic activity be not weak of power! (T)

Furthermore, devas, nagas, ‘tsen’, maras and tantrikas,
Tribal natives, and fearsome proud army forces,
This golden drink replete with all one could wish is offered;
Dispel contrary conditions and provide all facilities! (T)

(At the verse below, pour tea till finished)
Increase Buddhist Teaching and Practice in accord with Dharma,
Augment life span and spread activities of Gurus who uphold it,
Stop harmful obstructers and conquer hateful enemies,
And accomplish all requested aims with activity as wished!

Note: (T) – Pour tea once (T)** – Pour tea 21x or 108x (as instructed)


Composed by H.H. the 5th Dalai Lama

In raksha’s form, a ruby mountain glorious with a hundred-fold
Embrace of the southern ocean’s submarine fire,
Emanation in a dance of all possible fury,
Praise the great guardian Protector of the teachings!

Wearing brightly blazing leather helmet on your crown,
And leather mail glittering with exceedingly bright light,
Mounted on beautifully saddled, bridled wisdom horse,
Exploring the three realms in a single instant, praise to you!

Raising great cudgel dispatching millions of armed hosts,
At heart holding the noose which binds enemies and obstructers
At belt hang tiger-skin quiver, leopard-skin bow case and sword
The powerful great wild ‘tsen’, praise to you!

Dancer who sends forth peaceful and wrathful emanations
Of body, speech and mind, qualities and activities,
With powerful ability to exhibit any appearance whatsoever
Praise to your transformations as wild ‘tsen’, devas and nagas!

Monks, tantrikas, tribals, youths and clowns,
Cocks, cats, black snakes, apes & so forth,
Praise the numberless dreadful emanations
In your entourage which fill the expanse of earth and sky!

Cause the precious teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni,
The assembly which spreads them through teaching and practice,
And the sponsors of those who uphold the teachings,
To increase and flourish like the waxing moon!

In all worlds pacify interruption without exception,
Such as disease, starvation, arguments and conflict,
And, as when people live to 80,000 in Jambudvipa,
Set beings in perfection, fresh culmination of joy!

Especially cause the spread and flourishing of all Dharma Centers,
Together with all its followers, those who understand
Through study, the two supreme and six ornaments’
Scriptures on the perfections, valid cognition and so forth.

In brief, since we entrust to you, Great Dharmapala,
Our spiritual abode, people, property and all,
Protect us throughout day and night’s six periods,
And spontaneously exert peaceful, increasing, powerful and wrathful enlightening influence!


We enthrone you as The Holy Venerable One
Inseparable with root and lineage Vajradhara Gurus
Grantor of infinite easy attainments
And dispeller of all obstructions on the path without exception!

We enthrone you in the nature embodying the three refuges;
The fully enlightened, verbal and realised Dharma’s sovereign,
Holy Dharma, peaceful, freed from all attachment,
And Sangha, untiring in serving others’ welfare!

From emptiness’ great sphere, whatever various forms will subdue
Full distinctly appear like the moon’s reflection in water;
Principal of all tantric sets’ countless mandalas,
We enthrone you in nature of the yidam deity!

In form of a red raksha protecting, without exception,
The temple libraries of Jambudvipa
The teachings, and Sangha assembly upholding them,
We enthrone you as principal of all Dharmapalas!

Powerful King granting all wished common and supreme attainments
To anyone who properly relies on and propitiates you;
Bestowing all easily like a wish-granting gem,
We enthrone you as Protector who fulfils all hopes! (3x)

We, master, disciples and entourage,
Entrust ourselves to you, Protector, guard us unceasingly!
Pacify all negative circumstances and grant accomplishment
Of whatever desired attainments at our mere wish! (3x)


(Recite 1x mala)

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