Donating and Helping Others

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Most people like to receive things. It’s nice to receive lots of presents during Christmas or your birthday. You feel happy for a while, until you get tired of those toys you received of course!

But when someone asks you to give some of your favourite toys away, you won’t. Why? It is difficult to give. It is difficult to share what you have. Not being able to share or give is called miserliness.

Actually, remember that you are really lucky to have a nice family with a nice house, cars, food to eat, pocket money, cable TV, computer, nice clothes, nice toys, mobile phone, Wii, PS3, even a maid so you don’t have to help your mum do the house work. Think about it and appreciate what you have. Then think about the people out there who are not so lucky and don’t have what you have.

There are so many people who have to sleep on the streets. For dinner, they look for food scraps in the garbage bin just like the stray dog. For shelter, they have to sleep on the pavement on cardboard boxes out in the rain and cold. They don’t even have a change of clothes or anywhere to take a bath. There you are, with everything you need and more. You have so much already, can’t you spare some for these unfortunate people?

You can do your part and help them by donating some of your pocket money to feed them. It’s better not to just drop money to the beggar who hangs around at the street because you can’t tell if he’s phoney or not. If you want to help him, it’s better to give him food, maybe some of your old clothes.

But your parents won’t want you wandering around the street among the beggars by yourself right? You can do that by joining the Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) food distribution rounds. That way, you can help others and do it in a safe way.

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