Don’t Lie

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Don't destroy your innocence, don't lie!

Some of us are lucky to have seen snow when on a holiday overseas and have had fun making snow balls and pelting our irritating sister or brother with them just for fun.

Or at least if we have not had the chance, we’ve seen it on Tom & Jerry. Tom pushes Jerry off the snowy hill side and Jerry hurtles down the slope in a snowball which gets bigger and bigger as it goes down, finally crashing in a heap at the bottom of the hill. Poor Jerry is dazed will all the spinning, sees stars and develops an ugly hump on the head. Funny, right?

Lying is just like that. It snowballs on you and you get into deeper and deeper trouble just with one lie. When you tell one lie, you need to tell a second lie to cover the first, then a third to cover the first two, and so on and so forth. Then you end up being a mess of lies until you can’t remember anymore what is true and what is false. So don’t you think it is easier to tell the truth? Like they say, honesty is the best policy.

For instance, if you have done something wrong, like you broke Mummy’s favourite vase, or you dropped the laptop and it’s smashed, don’t keep quiet about it thinking that if you don’t say anything, you might not get a scolding. Not owning up to it is actually lying. It is better to be honest about it, go to Mummy and admit that you are the one who broke those things (of course by accident), apologise and say that next time you will be more careful.

Your Mummy might scold you just a little because she is upset that she lost her favourite vase or would have to spend money to fix things because of you, but that would blow over real fast. She will love you more for being such an honest boy and surely the punishment will not be that hard.

But if you lied about it or pretended to know nothing about it or blamed someone else and think you would get away with it, it’s going to be a lot worse. Hey, your Mum is not stupid. Oh yes, she will find out and you’ll be in a cauldron of hot soup, for breaking her things, telling lies and blaming others. That’s a lot worse than admitting it in the first place right?

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