Don’t Kill

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We deserve a chance to live too!

Killing is wrong because nobody has the right to take someone else’s life. Extend that to animals, even ants and mosquitoes. They are small but they have life too.

As Buddhists, we believe that killing is pretty bad, because it harms and causes pain on others. By killing, we eventually harm ourselves because we collect the negative karma of the harm and we will suffer in future.

So remember to have some respect for all life forms, even the tiniest insect. As far as possible, let them live, if they are not harming you. Put yourself in their paws.

How would you feel if you were the poor stray cat and that nasty human didn’t like you in his garden and whacked you silly and threw you into the big drain to kill you so you don’t wander into his garden anymore?

But apply common sense of course. If you have a whole head full of lice and fleas, you are not going to preserve them and let them live in your hair happily are you?

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