Be Vegetarian

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Just like killing, eating meat is quite the same as killing animals. Even if you were not the one who slaughtered the chicken, you ate it and somebody had to kill it so you could have your fried chicken.

Therefore you caused someone to kill the chicken. If you didn’t eat the chicken then nobody would have had to kill it for you right? What about that plate of nasi lemak you had this morning with the bunch of ikan bilis? Did you just eat 20 ikan bilis? Well that was 20 lives lost because of you!

Some people say that you won’t be healthy without meat. Your science book says you must have a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, fruit and carbohydrate, right?

Well, many people are already vegetarians and they are healthier than an ox and you don’t see them falling sick all the time. That’s because it is possible to replace the protein you get from meat with protein from vegetable sources. There is plenty of protein in tofu, beans, nuts, milk, cheese and eggs.  It’s a lot healthier too.

Do you know that meat is a source of parasites (like worms, bacteria, viruses) and you can get them too especially if it has not been properly cooked? So try to be vegetarian and help reduce the killing of animals, and end up being healthier too. It is not that difficult. It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

For a start, you could maybe be vegetarian for one day a week, then two days, then three and so on, and it would be wonderful if you could be fully vegetarian, seven days a week!  Just think of the number of animals you save.

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