Be Kind to Animals

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Always cause no harm to any living being. That does not only mean don’t kill them and don’t eat them. It also means don’t torture them.

So if you have been stomping on ants, pulling cockroaches’ legs while they are alive, stop right now, ok? If they are not harming you, why do you harm them? What do you get out of being wicked?

Not only should you not torture them, but also be kind to them and better still, do something to save animals in danger. Take care of animals, save animals, feed animals and relieve their suffering.

Animals can’t talk to us and they cannot tell us what they feel.  But they do have feelings and they can feel pain just like you. Therefore, treat them well and do what you can to make them comfortable.

Try to join in the Kechara House animal liberation activities where we release live fishes and other animals to save them from the cooking pot. This is an example of saving animals.

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