How Do You Even Know You’ve Received a Blessing?

6 April 2010 - 3:31pm Comments Off

What is a blessing anyway? And how do you know you’ve received one? Do you start seeing rainbows? Receive miraculous dreams? Learn to float in the sky?

In a very clear and precise sharing, Lili Ng explained what blessings were really all about covering the questions that many people often have, such as:

  • What is a blessing?
  • What does it mean to receive a blessing?
  • How do you know that a blessing is working?
  • Who can give blessings?

Based on teachings by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, this sharing explained clearly that blessings help us to tap into positive karmic imprints. When we receive a blessing, these imprints open up and push us towards bettering our lives and doing great things to benefit both ourselves and others.

Blessings can range from a Lama touching you on the head with his hands, a holy person reciting prayers for you, visiting a pilgrimage place or even doing charitable works such as feeding a homeless person. A blessing is whatever opens your mind towards a more positive way of living that ultimately develops great compassion, wisdom and care for others.

The reason certain people can have such a profound effect on us and bless us is because these very people dedicate their entire lives towards developing compassion and working for the benefit of others. By their completely selfless motivation and action, every part of them – their bodies and their belongings – is used entirely with the thought that they might be able to benefit others. This compassionate motivation and energy thus permeates everything that they have and use, and these items (or relics, in the case of beings who have passed away) become highly blessed.

Because we have lifetimes of negative karma, the effects of a blessing may not arise as quickly as we hope they might. Sometimes, it may take quite a few blessings before something shifts within us. We know that a blessing has had an effect on us when our lives change towards something much more beneficial and which brings us lasting happiness and peace.

Lili also screened a short excerpt from the Blessings teaching which Rinpoche gave a few years ago (available as a DVD) which gave further insights into what she had shared during the class.

The class then divided into two groups for further discussion among class participants. Many shared what blessings meant for them. Lorraine Yong, for example, felt that actually, we can take every moment of our lives is a blessing – every positive thing is something we can rejoice in and develop; and every negative thing we encounter can also be a blessing in that it presents opportunities for us to develop great qualities like patience, tolerance, tenacity and determination. This is, as Lorraine elaborated, really a matter of perspective – you can choose to see every moment of your life as misery or as a blessing that is leading you towards something better.

And what better way then, to end a Sunday afternoon and start a brand new week? We’re very interested to hear your stories too – what moment in your life would you consider a blessing? And how has it changed your life for the better? Email your experiences to – your story could be online to inspire many others!

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