Tsem Ladrang visits the Singapore Cell Group

2 May 2009 - 5:52am Comments Off

This weekend, Ladrang Head Liaison JP Thong and Associate Liaison May Phng (also Director of Operations for Tsem Ladrang) made a special visit to Singapore to meet our Kechara family there. Regular members of the Singapore Cell Group, including Ash Ng, Pauline Lee, Evelyn Yap Samson, Ashley Pang, Elsie Toy, Teo Lai Seng, Yew Seng and cell group leader Roland Yap met with their Malaysian guests at Roland’s home. That’s when they heard the good news that Roland et el would be making preparations to invite their 4-foot Lama Tsongkhapa back to Singapore this week!

JP and May spoke at length about Tsem Ladrang in Kuala Lumpur and Kathmandu, the significance and function of a Lama’s ladrang as the headquarters of the organization and about the latest ladrang projects such as the E-Division, an animal sanctuary and a retreat center in Kathmandu. They also spoke about Guru Devotion and the Guru-student relationship, which is at the heart ot Tibetan Buddhism. Good timing too, as Kechara Media & Publications will soon be launching the revised edition of Gurus For Hire, Enlightenment For Sale in April 2009!

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