Setrap Practice Revisited

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Rinpoche's surprise visit to English Setrap Puja at KH2

Working Hand-in-Hand – that’s how the Lama and the Dharma Protector work together to bring benefit to others. How lucky we were to have witnessed this wonderful relationship through the private video collection of our Guru, H. E. Tsem Rinpoche.

Rinpoche made a surprise visit to KH 2 during our usual Setrap Puja at 8pm on Monday, 30th March 2009 to give a precious teaching on the Setrap Protector practice. How fortunate for all those who put their mundane schedules on hold and took time out to attend this talk on very short notice.

During Rinpoche’s recent visit to Tibet, a resident monk in a monastery took spontaneous trance of Lord Setrap. In the video, we saw Lord Setrap (in the oracle monk) hug Rinpoche tightly while still in trance. We also saw the oracle physically shake with joy when Rinpoche mentioned our retreat center and our future plans there.

Rinpoche explains the Setrap's history and origin

At Gaden Shartse Monastery, the monks do Setrap’s practice daily as well as engaging in monthly two-day long retreats. Setrap’s wrathful emanation is principally to directly cut into our inner and secret defilements, namely our own attachments, anger and ignorance. Setrap is well known for accomplishing swift destruction of our outer, inner, and secret obstacles.

Setrap’s task during these degenerate times is to pacify our obstacles and make conditions conducive for the practice of Dharma which leads to our eternal happiness. Obstacles and difficulties arise due to our own negative karma. We have to take responsibility and understand that negative karma is created by ourselves. We then apply the REMEDY, namely:

1. To face negativities instead of avoiding them, then to apply antidotes by exerting patience, fortitude and effort through dharma application.

2. To engage in Protector practices as supplements to our main practice.

With consistent effort, over a period of time, we will see results and gain attainments.

To accomplish the above : WE NEED TO HOLD OUR REFUGE VOWS.

Writing notes - not wanting to miss a word of this precious teaching

Since Kechara is an affiliated branch of Gaden Shartse Monastery, our Protector practice is also Setrap. We do his puja twice a week in both English and Chinese, giving many people the opportunity to connect to this great Protector. Rinpoche announced that he will consider giving a more detailed teaching of the Protector sadhana in the near future. This will be for the benefit of those students who demonstrate commitment and effort in Setrap’s practice by consistently attending Kechara House’s Monday or Tuesday night Setrap Pujas.

For a more detailed explanation on Setrap, tune in to the Dharma teaching Setrap Superstar, get the Chinese book about Dharmapala Setrap or the DVD Chocolates and Oracles.

A blessed end to the evening - Chanting Setrap's mantra

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