Ling Tan in Kechara House

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Unless they’re coming for Kechara, SunwayMas isn’t the kind of area that draws a young, hip crowd…

Unless they’re coming for Kechara, SunwayMas isn’t the kind of area that tourists come to visit…

…and unless they’re coming for Kechara, SunwayMas definitely isn’t the kind of area that supermodels and their families come to visit!

The model sisters at Kechara House 1 together with their family

However, on 20th December 2009, that is exactly what happened! Brought by her friend and our Kechara Care member Eric Choong, the world class, world famous supermodel Ling Tan and her model sister Ein Tan came to visit Kechara with their family.

As Ein asks questions about Tsem Kachö Ling (TKL), Ling checks out the Buddha statues in Kechara House 2

At Kechara House 1, Eric explained to them the background of Kechara House and our organisation. They then headed over to Kechara House 2, where Ling and her family visited our Dzambala and Setrap Chapels, where Eric explained Setrap’s story and the origins of his practice to Ein.

Eric gives the family an explanation of Tsem Kachö Ling (TKL) before they take a group shot

Ling and her family also got the chance to look at the 3D model of our retreat centre Tsem Kachö Ling (TKL). According to Eric, Ling was especially interested in TKL and asked about whether it had an animal shelter…to which Eric answered a very enthusiastic yes!

Right after their tour, Ling and Ein left for a food distribution round with Kechara Soup Kitchen…and so impressed were they by the work that Kechara are doing, Ling is even thinking of extending her stay in Malaysia, just so she can participate in more Dharma work! Supermodel or not, we’re glad that Kechara’s work has persuaded yet another person on the benefits of helping others!

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